Revista INFAD 2013


Nº1, Vol. 1, pp. 349-356 doi: en trámite
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Evy Eden Batista Martins, Florencio Vicente Castro


The main motivation of this theoretical work is the knowledge of the angolan newborn, in order to promote effective and satisfactory interaction, according to his own desire and needs, as well as the thought about his developing human being condition, independent in the interdependence, and also the wishes to stimulate early interaction in both mother and or father or baby care providers. From recent past years, when the baby was considered to be moved by reflexes and satisfactions of the needs only, today news knowledge about baby indicate that he shows what he knows, through his unique skills and ways of the communications, different of the adults. As a human being interacting to develop the skills that he naturally have and which are far beyond reflexes and satisfaction of needs that many other species also possess, the newborn baby is not an island. The baby needs of his mother and or the father or the care providers as well as a healthy surrounding environment prepared to interact with him. In this interacting relationship, it is essential to be guided by the baby; to observe carefully and give answers according to the desires, or nondesires, of attention and care expressed by the baby

Keywords: angolan newborn, newborn’s competence, neonatal behaviour, early interaction.

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