Revista INFAD 2012


Nº1, Vol. 1, pp. 699-708 doi:  en trámite
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Variables motivacionales y teorías implícitas del aprendizaje en futuros profesores. De educación secundaria

Carmen Amezcua Prieto / Antonio Muñoz García / Juan Antonio Amezcua Membrilla. pp.699-708


Taking into account the teacher way of thinking, in this study we analyzed the relationship between seven motivational variables and the implicit learning theories in a group of 111 students taking the Master Degree on Secondary Education, in the academic year 2011-2012. We carried out a cuasi-experimental study. Implicit theories were measured by an eleven-item questionnaire with triple choice answers, each of them representing one domain of the three learning theories: direct, interpretative and constructivist (Pozo & Scheuer, 1999). Parallel, seven motivational variables from the Self-determination Theory (Deci & Ryan, 2000) were measured. The results have shown the relationship between the students’ current learning conceptions and the current and retrospective motivational self-perceptions, suggesting that life experiences in Secondary School years have an important role in the current learning conceptions.
Keywords: Teacher thinking. Implicit Learning theories. Extrinsic Motivation. Intrinsic Motivation. Secondary Education. Teenage.

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