Revista INFAD 2012


Nº1, Vol. 1, pp. 591-598 doi:  en trámite
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Masturbação, uma expressão normal da sexualidade na adolescência, a óptica dos enfermeiros dos CSP

Manuel Alberto Morais Brás / Eugénia Maria Garcia Jorge Anes
/ Sandra Cristina Mendo Moura /Maria de Fátima Pereira Geraldes. pp. 591-598

Today we know that the baby explores and plays with the sexual organs, proclaims and promotes their growth and sensory development. The Masturbation, is a normal sexual expression, throughout the life cycle, it is presented with a special frequency and intensity, in this age group that we conventionally call adolescence.
With a variable frequency, it is more common in boys than girls, with individuals who do not practice it, which may be related to the difference in psycho-social development for both sexes.
In order to identify and know the opinion of nurses on primary health care, on the Portuguese Masturbation in adolescence, we developed an observational, descriptive, exploratory, cross-cutting study in 1735 nurses of 226 Primary Health Care Units. Of the respondents in our study (93.3%) were female, and (6.7%) were male. The age range is from 22 to 68 years with a mean age 37.3 years. Most live in urban areas (54.1%). Reside within 46.3%, 46.2% on the coast, in the autonomous region of Madeira and 4.2% in the autonomous region of Azores 3.3%. Respondents suggested in (39.1%) of the reviews, that Masturbation is a normal expression of sexuality and 36.3% suggested it as a form of discovery and familiarity with his own body.
Keywords: Masturbation, Sexuality, Adolescence, Nursing, Primary Health Care

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