Revista INFAD 2012


Nº1, Vol. 1, pp. 479-488 doi:  en trámite
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Estudio de las áreas de investigación en orientación vocacional

Raquel Flores Buils / Rosa Ana Clemente Estevan / Clara Andrés Roqueta.  pp. 479-488


The Journal of Vocational Behavior is one of the journals most representative of this issue worldwide.
One of our aims was to know the impact that the articles published in this journal have in the field of psychology and vocational guidance. We went about this by analysing the scientometric indicators of some of the articles published in this journal since 1993 until 2008. Specifically, we selected those articles which expressly refer to vocational guidance, and we analysed their content. This gave us an idea of the predominating theoretical interests within the scientific community during the study period.
For this study, we created the Vocational Guidance Research Database which, other than recording the articles published about this field in various research journals, allowed us to conduct scientometric studies.
After analysing the results obtained, we studied the exact vocational psychology research topics in recent decades by means of specialised studies.
This work was made possible by financial support from Fundació Caixa-Castelló P1-1B2010-16 and Ministry of Education and Science of Spain EDU2010-21791.
Keywords: Vocational Guidance, Scientometric Indicators, Content analysis, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Vocational Guidance Research Database.

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