Revista INFAD 2012


Nº1, Vol. 1, pp. 403-410 doi:  en trámite
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¿Cómo motivar en el aula universitaria? Nuevas herramientas, nuevos usos

Patricia Alós Villanueva / Rocío Lago Urbano.  pp. 403-410


The New Technologies of Information and Communication Technologies are revolutionizing our lives and therefore education. The concern for introducing innovative tools and resources in the teaching- learning process has been studied in recent times, but what do our students know about this tool? This project focuses on the knowledge and uses of E-book at the university from the perspective of students. The aim of this study is to know the opinion and knowledge of students’ e-book as a motivating tool in the teaching-learning process. The sample comprised 100 students of different educational bachelors, degrees and diplomas. The results revolve around the degree of knowledge, usefulness and potential applications within the university.
Keywords: motivation, adolescence, E-book, teaching-learning process, University.

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