Revista INFAD 2012


Nº1, Vol. 1, pp. 315-328 doi:  en trámite
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A articulação saúde – família – escola face à doença. Crónica da criança/adolescente

Patrícia da Conceição Barbosa Ferreira. pp. 315-328


Family, School and Health Services all have a relevant paper in the development and learning processes of children/adolescents with chronic disease.
As objectives of this enquiry the following stand out: to describe the necessities of the children/adolescents with chronic disease in school; to acknowledge the difficulties of teachers in dealing with chronic disease carrier pupils; and reflect on the importance given, by the family and teachers, to the articulation of health care – school- family.
The key informants for this study had been the teachers and the families of children/adolescents carriers of chronic disease with ages between 6 and 16 years of age. As a sample 26 families and 38 teachers were chosen. This study is characterized as descriptive of exploratory character of the type case study, with both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The method for collecting data was a mixed questionnaire. It was possible to evidence the broad and specific needs of the children/adolescents carriers of chronic disease in the school environment and also there is no doubt regarding the opinion of both parents and teachers about the need for coordination with health services to establish a joint plan for individualized intervention to effectively respond to its necessities.

Keywords: Children/Adolescents; Chronic Disease; Family; School; Health Services. 

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