Revista INFAD 2012


Nº1, Vol. 1, pp. 159-168 doi:  en trámite
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Impacto da idade parental e do género na maturidade intelectual das crianças

Ana Teresa Correia Matos / Ilda da Piedade Gonçalves / Margarida Isabel Rodrigues
/ Nádia Filipa Cortes Duarte / Ana Susana Rocio de Almeida. pp. 159-168


The present study was aimed at determining whether children intellectual maturity depended upon their parents’ age and gender. We used the Goodenough-Harris’ (1926) Human Figure Drawing Test and a social-demographic query.
Participants were 35 pupils (23 females and 12 males) from 8- to 10 years old, attending the 4th grade of a public school. It was hypothesized that: (1) female children should have more maturity than male, that was not confirmed; and (2) children with older parents should have a superior intellectual maturity compared to those with younger parents, which was verified.
The importance to deepen and specify the positive aspects associated with older fathers is discussed in order to operationalize and promote them through parental training, and to reduce the lacks in children intellectual of stimulation.
Keywords: Intellectual maturity, gender, age of parents, Human Figure Drawing, Goodenough- Harris.

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